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Foundation for Children „Help on Time”

About the Foundation

Foundation for children ‘Help on Time’, established in 1998, is carrying out a nationwide programme ‘Help on Time’ under the patronage of Zbigniew Religa. The foundation provides care for over 28 000 ill and disabled children throughout the whole of Poland. The Foundation’s activities are mostly concerned with raising funds for complicated operations, expensive treatment, long-term rehabilitation (Forms of help for children).


zdjęcie dziewczynki podczas rehabilitacjiSometimes it may happen that a tragedy makes us drift away from God, the world and people. It may also happen, as in the case of the creator of this Foundation, that a personal tragedy opens our eyes to other people’s tragedies.

Business was going well, a luxurious, fully equipped villa was waiting for the owners to move in. It was supposed to happen within the following four weeks, at Easter time. They were happy, fortune was smiling at them. And yet…something different happened.

The owner’s wife and a twenty-year-old driver died in a car accident. The pain of those who were left alone was immeasurable. How can one carry on living after such a tragedy? What is the way to cope with this… it was like an open wound.

Material goods, money – what does it matter when you compare it with inconsolable pain and loneliness. What is the way to cope with suffering? Another day followed by another night, and life demanded some new meaning. The most difficult thing was to accept the suffering of an orphaned child. But there are children also suffering for the same or for other reasons somewhere. This reflection led to the idea of launching a foundation for children – hurt by people or disabled.

This is how the Foundation came into existence. It began its activity in 1998.

The owner and his family did not move into the new villa. The building has become the office of the Foundation. The owner of the villa decided that the purpose the building was to serve had been marked by a strange coincidence. Making others, not oneself, happy was more important – it is well reflected in the words of the Polish writer Julian Tuwim: ‘make others happy and find your own happiness in the happiness of others’.

Rehabilitation Centre AMICUS

The 450m² square footage consists of the following surgeries:

•    physical therapy
•    world experiment room
•    physiotherapy and therapeutic massages
•    spine therapy
•    child development support
•    EEG Biofeedback
•    speech therapy
•    psychological therapy

In response to the expectations voiced by the parents of our pupils, in 2010 we started the Rehabilitation Centre called AMICUS. It ensures continuous access to regular rehabilitation free of charge. The therapy is carried out individually so that it fully accommodates the patients’ needs, the degree of disability, the existing disorders as well as their social and family environment.
AMICUS Rehabilitation Centre offers our pupils diversified therapies and rehabilitation adjusted to their needs.
Our specialized employers (therapists, psychologists etc.) do their best to improve children’s health and fitness.
The patients are exercised on a special massage table, on mattresses, at ladders, on a cylinder, a balance beam or a step. During the exercises we use the ADELI suits method.
AMICUS Rehabilitation Centre provides free of charge wide range of treatment therapy, medical rehabilitation, diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well as psychological and pedagogical consulting together with speech therapy – all dedicated to children under care of our Foundation. The Center is located in Warsaw, at Slowackiego 12.

Thanks to 1% tax:

•    In 2010 the number of our pupils increased from 12 786 to over 16 355 in 2011;
•    We charge no commission either to the Donors or to the parents of its pupils;
•    Every year we guarantee our pupils over 20 000 hours of rehabilitation and medical care free of charge;
•    We have already started to build a guest house dedicated for our pupils and their parents from different parts of the country. Annually we expect around 570 children coming to Warsaw for the rehabilitation and therapy.

zdjęcie Statuetki SUMMA BONITASThe Foundation’s activities are supported by numerous sponsors and donors – it is their help that gives disabled and suffering children a chance to have a happy future and improve their health and fitness. Regardless of the wonderful gestures of the sponsors and donors, the Foundation is striving to raise funds on its own by running a publishing house. This venture alone covers the entire cost of managing the Foundation – handling subaccounts of over 3 thousand of pupils in care, maintenance of the rehabilitation room, and various administrative expenses. For this reason, payments of sponsors and donors are not charged any extra fees and commissions by the Foundation.

The ‘Help on Time’ Programme

The Foundation is under the supervision of prof. Zbigniew Religa, Minister of Health, who has been the patron of the ‘Help on Time’ programme since 1998.

The programme is nationwide, open for all natural and legal persons supporting the idea of helping children in need.

information about number of children in foundation year by year from the 1998 year till may 2012

The central idea of the ‘Help on time’ programme is to rescue the lives of endangered children, bring them back to health, support their education, and help to improve their difficult economic situation.

All year round we collect the donations. Even the token donation is highly important when it comes to save children’s life and health.

If you would like to help please make a payment to a donation account:



PL11 1060 0076 0000 3210 0019 6510 (EUR)
PL48 1060 0076 0000 3210 0019 6523 (USD)

Name: Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą”

Address: ul. Łomiańska 5, 01-685 Warszawa, POLAND Contact us via phone +48 22 833 88 88 or e-mail: fundacja@dzieciom.pl

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